Monday, April 30, 2007

The long awaited job update ...

I know everyone has been asking me for an update, but I really haven't had time until now! Today is a lovely day because I only have to work at one place. Actually, I quit the test scoring job completely and now only work at the zoo and Sylvan. Scoring tests for eight hours a day (as you can imagine) was dreadfully boring! I had to go to the bathroom every hour just to stay awake! Hours with the other two jobs have been picking up, and I really like them both. Mostly I have been training to work at he zoo. There are a lot of animals and I need to know about all of them! It's a fun environment to work in though and the best part ... I get to walk there from home! On Friday I get to present my clouded leopard pre-show to my bosses wearing a Madonna-like microphone. Once I "pass" I can work at the theater as an Adventure Guide and pre-show host. Fun! At Sylvan I get to work four nights a week with students from first grade to high school teaching math and reading. The staff there are all wonderful as are the students. I am hoping to pick up more hours there so when the summer is over I won't need to find yet another job.
So there you have it. Other than working, Joshua and I have been enjoying the weather by walking or bike riding. We need to get in a little better shape for our rides before summer hits. :) Yesterday we went to yet another church and so far it's the best match for us. Afterward, we went to a few open houses. (No, we're not really on the market for a house yet, but we want to check out the price range and neighborhoods so we can be prepared when we are ready.) Then, we celebrated the beautiful day at Joshua's parents' house with a delicious steak bbq and a blackberry cobbler for dessert.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Tulip Festivale!

For the last three years I've been telling Erin about the annual Tulip Festival in the Skagit Valley. In April the tulips come into bloom and all the farms show off their rows and gardens. So, Sunday we, with Dad and Mom, went to join in the festivities.

It's about a 2 hour drive north from Tacoma so we made a quick stop at a rest area along the way for rest, coffee, and a quick pose by a very large stump. An example of what the trees used to look like here before the greedy loggers cut them all down.

There are more rows of tulips in front of me too, with colors so vibrant that no camera could ever capture.
The last time I was there I didn't care too much about the flowers other than the cool look of rows of colors, but this time I really appreciated all the different types of tulips from curled to frayed and pointed.

After all the flower fun, we went to the nearby arts community, La Conner (not pictured), for a big lunch.