Sunday, June 22, 2008

He has a name!

If you were here to visit yesterday, or were lucky enough to get a phone call, you heard about us beta-testing a baby name. Well that name has moved from beta to full-release.

Matthew Graham Hardwick

Among the visitors that came to see new baby Matthew was one of Erin's students from this past school year, Katie. Her mom is one of the nurses on the floor here. Ever since Katie knew Mrs. Hardwick was pregnant, she's made sure the baby knew who she was.

The day was filled with learning how to feed, bathe and change Matthew. As first time parents, Matthew is pretty patient with us. So far he eats like his mom and sleeps like his dad.

I have made a collection of G-rated pictures for you to see the adventure we had. View them by clicking here!

Thank all of you for tracking the progress with us. It has been really fun to receive your comments, chats, emails along the way. I know it helped Erin through the labor process every time one of you would give your input, we had quite a few laughs. We didn't expect our labor to go the way it did, but being able to share it with you has encouraged us along. This may be the end of this series, but it isn't the end of Matthew's, Mom's or Dad's story. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks Erin and I can put together our own memoirs to share the experiences we had during this time. God Bless You!

Now back to regular programming


Erin said...

Great name! I am partial to Matthew, though. (It's Geric and Caden's middle name!)

You cracked me up with the "Back to the regular programming" sentence. Yah, right! Maybe in 18 years!!! :) Now you're on baby time. Have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Howdy Hardwick's,

Congrats on welcoming Matthew into the world. I am so excited for you and can't wait to see you and your new little one. I'll call once, you've settled in a bit :)

Love ya,

Heather D.

Unknown said...

Congratulations!! Baby Matthew is so precious. He was well worth the wait! You have many exciting years aheads. God bless you, from your former youth group leader, Kim Tarr

Anonymous said...

Welcome baby Matthew! I can't wait to get home and talk to you... eventually. Feel free to screen me out and call back when it is convienent, I get it! Erin, I love your mom face with Matthew. Seeing your own child creates a smile that never existed before and Joshua captured it perfectly!


Anonymous said...

congratulations on that beautiful baby boy! And I love the name choice :) Hope you all enjoy coming home as a family of three! Enjoy his little scrunched up body and his sweet cuddles...I know it's cliche, but they grow up so fast!

Tara said...

Loved all the pics. You look just like they do on TV in that one where you're giving a good, hard push. And please tell me there's a story behind the "black nanny" picture...

Joshua said...

Juliet, our Care Assistant, said that when she was teaching me how to bathe Matthew. I guess I was going too slow, and she took over saying "this baby wants a black nanny." It was funny at the time. Later she was walking through the quad and another family was persistent to ask for her help and she said, "that baby wants a white nanny."

Thank you for asking; I forgot those titles got transferred to the web.

Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow wow wow...Holy Tacoma Ohio....CONGRATULATIONS!!! Matty is beautiful and Erin you are lovely!!!! Congrats my man Ua!