Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Stats

According to today's ultrasound, baby is still on target as far as size. Baby weighs about 6 pounds 1 ounce (I was 6 lb 6 oz at birth) and has a normal head size (52nd percentile) Hooray! It is always a relief to see and hear that baby is doing well despite the diabetes. The doctor increased my insulin dosage again today, and all 5 of my blood tests were in range! Hooray again! In five more days baby should be ready to enter the world. After the appointments we stopped by a boutique today that I really enjoyed. I got two diaper covers, two snappis, and some baby bum cleaner. All we need now is the baby!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Testing 1 2 3

My doctor has ordered twice a week non-stress tests to make sure baby is doing ok in there. I went in for my first test yesterday and had no idea what to expect other than a non-invasive monitoring. They walked me back into a little tiny room with a bookshelf, leather recliner, coffee table, and lamp. I got very cozy on the chair while the nurse strapped a couple of monitors on my belly. Then she handed me a chapstick-sized tool with a button on one end. I was instructed to press it every time I felt the baby move. She turned on the machine which blared the sound of the baby's heart beat. Baby was taking a nap, so she rang a cowbell over my belly. That did the trick! So for the next 45 minutes I got to relax in the recliner, listen to baby's heart, and feel for baby's movement. This was indeed a non-stress test! We get to go tomorrow for another NST, an ultrasound (this will be number four and I don't want to look at the screen at all in case baby decided to reveal anything), and another appointment. My blood sugars are still wacky. The endocrinologist has increased my insulin every other day and I'm sure he will again tomorrow. We are praying that baby decides to come out early - any time after next Tuesday - so I don't have to be induced. My final countdown at work: 2 days!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

A state of crisis

The image above is an excellent portrayal of our current problem. I especially like the gas attendant heading up the ladder to raise the price another 7 cents while the family is still fuelling up. At Christmas our prices were at 2.99/gal at every station around us. Erin got tired of me telling her it was a cartel. Now, 5 months later, it's up more than a dollar with no end in sight. Where's the relief? Decades went by without prices ever going above even one dollar. The summer blend was only ten cents more than the winter blend of fuel. If you're gay or pro-abortion, now is your time to pass some laws, because the rest of us are standing agog at the rising prices at the pump and grocery store.

A decade ago GM came out with the EV1 and paved the way for a whole new line of Electric Vehicles, but now is but a distant memory. After watching the movie, Who Killed the Electric Car?, it wasn't discontinued for a lack of interest. GM and Ford still have on their websites information about the future of automotive advances, but it is too little too late, even hybrids are a joke. Rumor has it that a barrel of oil will cost $200 by veterans day and gas at $8.00/gal. I'm not buying a new car anymore. Gas-only cars are a relic from the past, no longer providing the value they once had. What are the alternatives? If you have a lot of money you can get a Tesla Motors Roadster, one of the only completely manufactured electric vehicles around, or you can pay $50,000 to convert your car to electric. Or convert your hybrid to a Plug-in Hybrid and get over 100 MPGs. Hydrogen fuel cells, I think, are a waste of time and are a major distraction, because of the need to create the infrastructure, shorter fuel capacity distance, high price, and climate restrictions. For more information on these cars:

Is this an environmental issue that I'm talking about? No, it's a cost of lifestyle that I'm talking about. This is America and we're being priced out of our homes. I went to breakfast today, and the restaurant was packed, but only had one server. Ten percent of the people that walked in the door, walked out without service after sitting at their tables for 15 minutes. The place is known for the "Best Breakfast in Town", but I didn't see it with my overcooked bacon and over-buttered eggs. The owners are certainly trying to reduce their costs by shorting their labor, and several menu items were crossed out with a Sharpie (didn't even reprint the menus). How did this happen? Why is the dollar decreasing in value so quickly?

What is the Federal Reserve up to? Like Federal Express, it is not a government agency, yet they control so much of our lives. Why are we paying them to print our money? Soon we'll owe them so much money that they'll print their own. Talking about control, how about this war. Is it real? I have seen no benefit to my lifestyle. Let alone gas prices, visiting somebody at the airport for a relaxing afternoon is a thing of the past, now you have to arrive two hours early for your turn to be strip-searched in front of the general public.

I think this war is more about improving on technology to control and track people. I have read in the paper about how we are trying to stop terrorists by finding their funding sources and stopping them. Which leads me to think that we're moving towards a cashless society pretty quickly. Without cash there is no anonimity. If everybody became chipped, and trackable, (there's even talks about instaling tracking GPSs in cars--to pay taxes on road mileage used) then there would be less crime. Therefore if a chipped person committed a crime, they could be "shut off" and thus be punished. However, if you refuse the chip, you must be a terrorist. The general public would demand it, because they are getting more scared of others. They get more scared because they aren't leaving their house as often because of fuel prices, watching more television and becoming more frightened by the stories they see on the news.

Am I too off with this sort of social entropy? I hope I am, but looking at $4.00 a gallon is pretty depressing and makes me concerned for the world that I'm bringing my new son or daughter into. It's not the same world that my Grandfather lived in, which seems to me to have been the best years to be alive. But, as a Christian, I have faith that the best things are still yet to come.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Well that part is good news

So today I went to visit the endocrinologist and got my prescription to help control the diabetes. Since my levels have gone so high, I am no longer eligible for the oral meds and require insulin injections instead. Injections?! I know!! But, insulin IS safe for baby and the oral meds are only "probably" safe. So that part is good news. I get to take 3 injections a day in my belly and increase my blood testing times to 5 (or more) times a day. If this baby had any idea all the poking I am doing for him/her ... So far I have made it through 1 injection with Joshua at my side comforting me and encouraging me and telling me how proud he was when I managed to actually do it. I don't know how I would ever get through this without him! Also, I have decided to end my school year a little early and am calling it quits as of May 30. The doctor today said they wouldn't let the baby stay more than 39 weeks, and that is just 4 short weeks away! We are meeting with our new ob this Friday, and she may have a more specific plan in mind after monitoring the baby. We'll see. We will now have visits every week and lots of extra monitoring to make sure baby is ok in there. It amazes me that the human population has continue to grow with all the complications that can come with pregnancy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Losing Battle

As many of you know, I have been fighting with all that I am to control this diabetes with just diet and exercise. It has been a difficult battle, and until this week I was putting up a pretty good fight. But I am sorry to say that the diabetes has won. My blood sugar is completely out of control no matter what I eat or how many miles I walk a day. It is too high when I roll out of bed. I have tried multiple supplements from my naturopath to no avail, and so on Monday I will call my endocrinologist and get my prescription for drugs that will certainly lower my sugar levels and "probably" not harm the baby. Next I will call and cancel my appointment with the midwife and try to reschedule with a doctor. Last, I will call the hospital and request a tour of their facilities. I am so bummed about this whole ordeal, but trust that it is the Lord's plan and am peaceful knowing that it is what is best for the baby.
Today is a rare day in Washington ... the sun is shining brightly over the 80+ degree day. So we are off to enjoy it and forget about the stinkin' diabetes for a while!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Eight month baby belly and Joshua's first baby shower

I know it's been a while since I've shown off my baby belly to the world, so here it is! 32 weeks and a few days along. Please ignore whatever it is I have spilled on my shirt and the sagging non-maternity sweatpants. We were on our evening walk (gotta keep the blood sugar down!) and we decided then and there it was high time for a picture.
After the amazing day of yard work fun, our home group threw a lovely baby shower. We were showered indeed with everything from a money tree to be used for diaper service to a round trip airline ticket so my mom can be here when the baby is born! Thank you everyone!

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I get by with a little help from my friends

Joshua and I joined a home group through our church before we even began attending the church. I knew several of the couples (or halves I guess) from work. What a blessing this group has been to us! We were looking for a service project to do together and someone came up with the brilliant idea to serve each other! Our turn was first, and what a service it was! We spent the day working in our yard and the evening was a BBQ baby shower! I am so thankful to have found a group of couples our age who serve the Lord in tangible ways. What an honor to be a part of such a group!!

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