Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Talking" with Matt


My dad, cousin, and sister came to visit us a few weekends ago and we had a blast hitting up all the local tourist spots. Here we are in front of Union Station in Tacoma. We also went to the glass museum, Pacific Grill, Hello Cupcake, and Point Defiance. And that was just in one day! We took the ferry to Seattle where we made it to the Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, Stadium High School, the Troll, the monorail, Pike's Place, downtown, and the waterfront. It was quite a day - 8am-9pm!

The weather could not have been more perfect. We spent one lovely afternoon in Paulsbo where Matty had a monster of a good time! Ok, not really. He and I spent much of the day in the car because we were both a little snotty. Jackie was able to stay longer than Dad and Fiona, so she got to have lots of one-on-one time with Matty. She babysat while I worked and found out what being an aunt is really all about!
We kept up wit the tourist fun on the weekend when we went back to Seattle for South Center Mall and took the Underground Tour. Since Matthew is officially holding his head up, he was able to ride along with dad and not miss a thing! Don't they look cute in their matching striped outfits?

I couldn't find a good picture of Jackie with Matt, but I wanted her to be included. Here she is with her favorite hobby, knitting. And to think, I taught her all she knows about the wild world of yarn goods!

Now everyone is gone and we are back to our regular boring lives (at least that's what Auntie Jack would say!). Hopefully that means I have more time to blog, although I guess I won't have much to blog about. Ah the catch 22.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peek a boo!

Peek a boo ... Where are you? I know y'all have been missing us out there in bloggerland. We are all well, just busy bees. I'm back at work, Joshua has started school, and we had family out to visit. As soon as I have more time (ya, like that's ever going to happen) I will fill in the blanks. But for now, enjoy my baby boy soaking up the sun we had the weekend before last. He is a bit camera shy and refuses to smile whenever he sees you with one, so this is the best one I have found that captures his darling grin.

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Ode to the Forgotten Cat

Once the orphan child of an unknown mother
Now the adopted son of another
You were chosen when you had tears in your eyes
Food, shelter, and love there was no dearth
In your new home everyone shared in your mirth
But, now, that seems long ago
Thrice plus one a fortnight has passed
Since a new human brother have you acquired
Banished have you been, upon his arrival home
To the nooks, to the crannies, and out to the fields you roam
Away from the clean and sanitary places
The love of your adopted mother you once knew
Is all but completely gone
For when she gives you the love she promised
She must wash her hands of you
Don't fret, dear cat
For this place where you're at
Is a new world, where
You're new freedom has brought you
A life of adventure enjoyed by the very few
No longer are you confined to the singular choice
Of using a litter box for your only relief
But out among the grass, dirt and leaves
You get to leave your mark
New friends you make in the woods
Meow like a wild cat, and show off you've got the goods
Still, inside, you do have a home
Not quite as quiet and calm as it once was
Cradled you sit in your bed of fuzz
Alone though you may feel
Know in your heart that love you still get
From the adopting mother of your youth
Plus that of her husband and child too

Pooh all over

Joshua told my mom this morning that Matthew had pooh all over him, so she wanted to see a picture.  Today is pajama day at our house but that doesn't mean we don't coordinate our accessories. :)  

Mom was also shocked to hear that we needed things like mittens and hats ... it's hot and humid in her neck of the woods.  We had to turn our heaters on this morning!