Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This year we got to dress up fancy and eat out for dinner at the Pacific Grill. My boys looked terrific in their blue pinstripes!
We arrived early and it was a chilly afternoon, so we enjoyed some hot cocoa in front of the fireplace in the hotel lobby. Jackie has not yet adjusted to the colder weather.

Aww, me and my sweetie. Of course this year I am most thankful for little Matthew, our very special gift of the Lord. What a lovely day!
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Elf Yourself 2008

What is Christmas now without Elf Yourself?

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Christmas 2008

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dapper Dan

Ok, Matt is so cute in this outfit I can hardly stand it! Here he is all dressed up for church. Everyone said he was so handsome - one of our friends called him Dapper Dan (I still haven't gotten the song out of my head, thanks Stephen!).
I didn't want to leave Joshua out, so here they are - my little man and my big man.

Matthew is an avid reader. I know you don't believe me, but that baby loves his books I tell you! He can sit and listen to stories for a good long time - even longer than many of my first graders! Tonight we read Make Way for Ducklings and he cracked up at the duck names (Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack and Quack). He also enjoyed feeling the animals in one of those touch and feel baby books. One of these days I will capture his sweet giggles on camera. Every time I turn the thing on he stares with a big, blank face and quits all his cute giggles and squeals. Oh well, you'll just have to come see him live and in person!
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Five Months Young

Can you believe this little man of mine is five months old already? He is more adorable every day!
He got this vest as a hand-me-down from his cousin Caleb, but he didn't have a collared shirt to wear with it until now. How cute is he?? He weighs somewhere near 18 pounds and is about 27 inches long.
His newest thing is to sit and scream. Not mad or sad, just for the sake of hearing his voice. He was "talking" to my mom on the phone and she wanted a visual, so here it is. This is the beginning of a long, loud noise ...
here he is mid-scream ...
and when he is done. He loves to scream and then turn and smile at his Aunt Jackie to make sure she heard him. What a flirt!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This picture didn't make it on the last post, but here you can see the lamb toy without the rings. Kinda Lord of the Flies, don't you think?
Tonight I had to do one of my least favorite Mom duties - immunizations. After much research and discussion, we have decided to get most of the recommended vaccines, but spread them out a bit. So instead of filling Matty's little body with aluminum, cow fetus serum, and other such gross things (Have you read the ingredients on a vaccine lately??) every two months, we do it every month. More pokes but smaller doses for him to process. He is such a champ about the whole thing. He smiles and laughs in the waiting room, giggling at all the babies and flirting with the receptionist. Then he shows off for the nurse until she puts the needle in. 20 seconds of tears and then he is back to himself, smiling for the Elmo sticker he is given for being so brave. He fell asleep on the way home tonight, holding on tightly to his favorite toy. (Joshua and I call it the hand. Why are baby toys all so strange?) What a cutie pie. I love my little man! So much in fact that I am going to get myself a flu shot tomorrow. I have never done that before, because hey, I can deal with a few days of being sick. Not this year people. I will risk all the nasty things they put in a flu shot to keep my baby healthy. Next year we can tough it out together if we get the flu.
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What a weird toy

My happy little guy has so much fun playing with his toys. Here he is doing some tummy time wit the help of the Boppy.
He git this adorable lamb toy as a gift. It has lots of rings that do different things - rattle, squeak, crunch, etc. When you take it apart, it's a little creepy!
Umm, decapitated lamb???

No matter to Matt man. He's just having fun!
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

What is Matt up to?

As you can see, his hair has taken on a mind of its own. Most days it makes a nice sausage roll of a curl smack on the top of his head. Other days it frizzes out and some days he gets a mohawk type curl down the middle of his head. I have tried taming it with baby oil, lotion, and most recently baby oil gel. Is 5 months too young to start using styling products??
Matthew enjoys p[laying in his exersaucer, particularly chewing on this lovely E. There was an elephant attached to it, but it didn't survive the dishwasher. Oops!
I think his top teeth are getting ready to make an appearance. He is non stop drooling and gnawing in anything he can get into his mouth. Here he is trying to chew on a dissolving teething tablet.
My big boy can officially sit up on his own, although not for very long. He likes to rock forward and back, so it throws him off balance. It won't be long until he can sit tall and proud! Next thing you know he'll be off to kindergarten, then college, then having babies of his own! My how the time flies!
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Monday, November 03, 2008

Random Acts of Cuteness

Matty is such a happy guy these days. Here he is smiling for me during a tickle attack.
We played peek-a-boo through the crib bars. He really enjoys being naked, or at least down to his diaper. We keep it pretty toasty in the house. :)
Do you think this jacket makes his head look small? Or maybe it is an 80s thing - you remember shoulder pads, right? Seriously though, the doctors were so worried about me having a big-headed baby on account of the diabetes. This kid's head is in the 35%tile while his length is in the 75th! Strange.
Matt wishes his hands were as big as Daddy's. He loves to chew on his hands. I am surprised he hasn't drawn blood yet with his two razor sharp teeth.

On a not so cute note, Matt threw his first tantrum this weekend. He made such an ugly sounding cry! Following that he had his first time-out. We are NOT letting this boy get away with that! He tried it again in the car on the way to Bible study, so we decided we better not go. From now on I guess we'll have to get a sitter.

On a totally different note, one of my students told me I looked skinnier today. Gotta love it when a six year old makes your day!
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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ha Ha Halloween

About a month ago I bought Matthew a pumpkin costume. Ha ha! He outgrew that dainty outfit in no time! Not to worry, we had a hand-me-down Santa outfit that we were planning to have him wear at Christmas. He fit so nicely in it now, we threw it on and called it a Halloween costume. I am wearing what I wore to school that day, and no it is not a costume. I guess my lack of excitement for the "holiday" was obvious ... Here is a conversation we had:
Student: Guess what I am dressing up as?
Me: A princess
S: No, an ice princess!
M: Oh. Guess what I am dressing up as?
S: Uhhh, a mom?
M: You got it!
Matt got into the spirit by putting his beard on all by himself!
Ah, just like a Christmas card!
Matthew was enthralled with Grandma's colorful jacket.

We had a lovely evening with the fam playing cards and such. Joshua attempted to get some school work done. I reminisced about last Halloween when nobody knew we were expecting yet, but I spent a good majority of the night puking in the bathroom. Good times!
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