Sunday, June 05, 2011

Matthew's First Camp Out

Before we get to the camp out, check out our neighborhood doe.

And her fawn! How cute is that!!!!!

Since it was such a lovely day, Joshua set up a tent in the front yard for a boys' night out. They took a flashlight and some books and had a good old time. My baby boy is growing up so fast!

"The mountain view out our 'front door' was terrific for such a perfect day. Matthew chose all my least favorite books to read, but he was having a great time. We prayed and then listened to the sounds outside while we were trying to sleep. Frogs and birds can be scary sounds, but knowing they couldn't unzip the tent we knew we were safe. We lasted until 3:45am when Matthew needed to go to the potty. He was shivering so much that I decided we should sleep indoors for the rest of the night." - Joshua

Ahhhhh Spring

Joshua got the swing set put together and added a "big boy" swing and a glider. We are sure to spend many summer hours out there swinging away.

I am loving our new yard. It seems like every other day we discover a new plant. Here are some of the current blooms. Beautiful!

Our First Harvest

Since we have sunshine at our new house we went big and planted a garden. Our first harvest was radishes.

Yum! We have also enjoyed two kinds of lettuce, mint, rhubarb, and oregano. The deer have enjoyed kale, cabbage, strawberries, stevia, and some flowers. :)

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Auntie Jac is Back

Auntie Jackie came to visit us. I forgot to take out my camera until just before we left for the airport ... Oops!
We had a great visit with lots of shopping, a day in Olympia at the farmer's market and sightseeing and oh the uncooking! I have successfully convinced Jackie that raw organic food is best, so we had tons of fun trying out new and old favorite recipes.
We miss you Auntie Jac! Thanks for a great visit!

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Mother's Day

On Mother's Day we dedicated little miss Jane to the Lord. Here we are with our pastors, Rick and Gino.
Afterward we had everyone over for brunch. I don't think my "healthy" food was a big hit, but hey, I must do my part. I didn't even serve raw food!

A nice snuggle with my babies to end the day. Ahhhh life is good. :)
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Catching Up

I know my posts have been few and far between (sorry Mom!). So here's a bit of catching up. Matthew is such an adventurous eater. He loves when the produce delivery arrives and I can't wash the food fast enough to get it in his mouth. His current favorites are apricots, cauliflower, mung bean sprouts, cashews, and raw cheese. Oh, and the good old favorite: almond butter and honey sandwich. Here he is helping me make (and stuffing his face with) nori rolls. Yes, my child very much enjoyed eating raw seaweed stuffed with an almond-ginger pate, spinach, and sprouts.

Jane is one tough chick. She is curious and fearless. Her smile is contagious and she loves to be loud enough to be heard. She adores her big brother and loves playing with him. He adores her too and uses his imagination to include her in his play. Theses plates had tape on them from their former job as wheels on the cardboard box train.

Since we have such a great eater, we thought we'd try something new to us all: a horned melon. It's very spiky on the outside and a bright green gelatinous goo inside. It tastes like banana of all things!

Mr. Cool enjoying the front yard.

What a Daddy's girl! Look at these two all cozy in bed.
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