Monday, January 31, 2011


It was an interesting Christmas this year. The little ones and I spent a few days tossing our cookies if you will.

No pictures of that, don't worry.

Here is Matthew on Christmas morning. I LOVE the look on his face.

Joshua got a book to read to his babes - "Why I love My Daddy".

Matthew often asks to hols his Janie and will assume this position, pillow and all.

He is such a loving big brother. :)

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More CA

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CA in December

We decided to take an early Christmas trip (as in the beginning of December) to CA this year to avoid crazy ticket prices. Joshua is in school and so could not join us, so I had the pleasure of taking my two small children through the insane airport security all by myself. Just FYI, you will not receive any help at SeaTac unless you are wheelchair bound or do not speak English. Nonetheless, we made it safe and sound and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

First stop was my Dad (or Matthew's "one Grandpa")'s place. We livened the place up with all three grandkiddos and the grown-ups too. Caleb and Matthew were so stinking adorable together. As soon as he walked in the door, Matthew said, "Hi Caleb. I came on an airplane." Without missing a beat Caleb responded, "Hi Matthew. I brought trains." And that was that. They played on Grandpa's train track (the edge of his kitchen rug) and talked about all things train.
Next stop was San Diego to visit with the Muellers. Matthew was a model two year old - hair pulling, screaming, naughtiness galore. Sigh. There were many happy moments of play time with these cute cousins and plenty of great adult conversations. Oh how I wish we lived closer to these closest-in-age cousins!

Last stop was Uncle Dave and Aunt Stella's to hang out with Magum's side of the family. There was lots more play time with sweet Caleb and plenty of crazy hugs with Magum.

Ten days FLEW by with hardly enough time to see everyone. Sorry if we missed you ... we'll be back in June. :)

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Yes, I realize it is practically February. What can I say? I have been busy taking care of my three. It is a rare night when the dishes are done, the children are asleep, and my tutoring is prepped. SO here you go. November.

Jackie's birthday gift to me was a visit from my mom for Thanksgiving! Awesome! She got to meet our sweet Jane and spend a relaxing weekend with us. See how happy Jane is to be with Magum?

Matthew has decided to start wearing "big boy underpants." Too bad he won't wear them the right way and use the toilet! I am so over changing his nasty diapers.

He has also started to dress himself. Enough said.

Ah my sweet sweet Jane. She is such a trooper and puts up with Matthew's antics all day long. See? He brought her toys to her. And lovingly placed them around her ankles.

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