Saturday, August 30, 2008

Matthew's Blowout

Erin was playing with the new features on her Apple computer. Matthew decided to celebrate the occasion by filling his pants on camera. Here it is for all of you to share.

No Video

I can't find my video to upload, but here are some more fun pictures.
This one I took while at the training.  Very professional, I know.
Matty and Mommy.  Sepia always makes my hair and make up look like they are actually done.

Gotta run ... we're off to a BBQ.  

Apple Fun

All of the teachers got new Apple laptops this year.  Last week we had a training and I thought I'd show off what I learned.   
Joshua and Matty got in on the fun too.  Next time maybe I'll try posting video.  
Joshua left this one as a surprise for me.  Matt looks so serious!

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Family

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Working Mommy

I had to go back to work last week (which explains the lack of posts - sorry!) and I am plum tuckered out. Tuesday morning I dropped Matty off with his grandma and kissed him goodbye through my tears. I cried all the way to work and had to face my colleagues with red swollen eyes. But the day was over before I knew it and I was back with my little man. He is such a happy kid these days, always smiling, cooing, and giggling. My favorite smile is the one that is so big he throws his head back and closes his eyes. Too cute!
He had his 2 month well visit, and is growing like a champ. His rash, while not gone, is much improved. He has started some early signs of teething like drooling and gnawing on things.
He still loves to be held but has become much more independent. He likes to look at his surroundings and is content to sit by himself. He has been hanging out at school with me while I get my classroom ready and he loves all the bright colors. He even got to attend a few meetings and was the best little boy ever. I don't think everyone even knew he was there!

Tonight is the Back to School Picnic where I get to meet my new students and visit with the old ones. Joshua is coming to take care of Matt. I am looking forward to showing off both of my handsome guys!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Video for Mom

Below is a video that we've been trying to make for some time now for Erin's Mom. For whatever reason, Matthew doesn't like to smile for the camera. The last couple of weeks he has been focusing in on people and objects and responding with big smiles and laughter. We first discovered this new phenomenon while changing his diaper in his bassinet; he giggled so hard at the three sheep that circle above his head to music that is both off-beat and flat that we had to share it.

The video I recorded just before this one included the sounds of him filling his pants. I laughed so hard, I almost filled mine. Erin vetoed that video in hopes of appearing less crude (yet she still let me write this post). Matthew enjoyed the making of this video so much that he soaked through the chair he was sitting in.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Wedding

The reason for our vacation was Joshua's second cousin's wedding, so I thought I should post some pictures of that. Here is the lovely bride with her parents. his picture does not do her justice - she looked amazing! I told Joshua I want to get married again so I can have a dress and veil like hers (the veil has a train ... gorgeous!)
Here is sweet Matthew at the start of the wedding. He had just been fed and changed and was fast asleep. Perfect!
Here is Matthew about 10 minutes into wedding. Remember I said he wanted to eat every hour? Yeah, well, I had to go out and feed him to stop him from screaming through the ceremony.
Since it is a rare day that I style my hair, put on make up, and get dressed up, I insisted upon a family photo. Bummer that Matt is sound asleep and laying so awkwardly. Oh well, we tried. By the way, he slept soundly through the entire reception and woke up just as we were getting in the car to go home. So he was fed and changed and low and behold, he was still hungry. So he was fed and changed again before we could hit the road.
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Matty's First Vacation

This past week the Hardwick Clan had a great excuse for a vacation to Eastern Washington. Joshua's second cousin was getting married. So we loaded up our vehicles and hit the road. The small town where the wedding took place had no hotel rooms left, so we did even better. We rented a retreat center set along Lake Roosevelt. The scenery was amazing and there was much to do:
horseback riding,
swimming in the indoor pool or in the Lake,
and best of all, hanging out inside with the ac (It was in the 100's!). Notice I am not pictured doing any of these fun activities. That's because I didn't get to. Boo hiss for this extra long recovery! Matt and I spent most of our time indoors, but we had fun anyway.
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I'm so hungry I could eat a nose!

My little boy likes to eat every 1-2 hours, 2 1/2 at the most. As a result, he is starving all the time and wasting away to nothingness. ;) When he is hungry, he will try to latch onto anything he can - shoulders, buttons, knuckles, blankets, and best of all, noses. Side note: Joshua was excited to see that Matty has my sideburns. Yikes! I am one hairy gal!
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Good Times in Tacoma

Monday was my mom and Jackie's last day her (boo hiss!) and we had much to do. First things first, I had to find a dress to wear to a wedding this weekend. I am too big still for my regular clothes, but not big enough for my maternity wear. So we headed to TJ Maxx. I found a perfect dress for $10, and got myself a new pair of sandals as a bonus. My little man was due for another adjustment with the chiropractor, so that was our next stop. He slept through the entire appointment on my belly while the doctor worked on his back. Too cute!

Next, we stopped by the Pacific Grill for a quick bite before taking a walk on the Chihuly Glass Bridge. Aunt Jackie already has her next flight booked to come visit in September. :)
Our last stop was the airport. We decided to park and walk in to lengthen the torturous good-bye time. Grandma gave Matty a bottle in the car before we went inside.
I wish there was a way for us to live near both of our families. It breaks my heart every time I have to say goodbye to mine. If there are any readers out there with extra money they don't know what to do with, send it our way so we can see my family more often! Thanks for a fun weekend mom and Jackie. We love you and miss you like crazy!!!
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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Visiting with Grandma and Auntie Jack

My mom and sister are here for a visit this weekend (hooray!). Friday we had a busy day that began with a trip to my ob. Good news: things are healing nicely in two areas. Bad news: I'm still raw in one area. So I was prescribed some estrogen cream to help speed things along and I have another appointment in three weeks. I will likely need to have that section restitched. I changed to the doctor who delivered Matthew and I like her very much! What a difference from my previous provider. She took lots of time with me, explained things thoroughly, answered all my questions completely, and best of all, she remembered me! None of this happened before. Oh yeah, she also gave us a silver spoon as a congratulations for Matthew.

After the doctor, we headed to lunch at a quaint sandwich shop and then off to the amazing Point Defiance Park. As you can see, Matthew enjoyed the scenery as much as we did!
Our favorite spot was the flower garden. Mom's favorite were the roses, Jackie's and mine were the huge hydrangea.
Next we stopped by Starbucks for a snack before heading to the chiropractor. Matthew needed an adjustment and wow has he been feeling better! We love his new doctor! My favorite thing about him was that he stopped to cuddle Matt and calm him down between adjusting. He thins we should see some major improvements in six visits. Our next appointment is Monday.
Before heading home we picked up Joshua and did a quick driving tour of Tacoma featuring a stop at the famous Stadium High (as seen in Ten Things I Hate About You).

Today we had a relaxing day hanging around the house. I wish the weekend would last forever!
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