Friday, May 19, 2006

We Belong in the Zoo!

Last weekend, Joshua's sister Pattie and her husband Jim were in San Diego. We decided to take the opportunity for another weekend getaway (I think we've been on an every other week schedule...). So onto Priceline we went and got a great room in Old Town (our favorite spot!) for a mere $45 a night! At that price, we took two nights. Friday night we drove down, settled in, and walked a block up the street to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Joshua had the greatest margarita he's ever had! Saturday, we got up bright and early and went for a walk. I guess everyone sleeps in around there, because it was quiet. After a couple cups of coffee, we headed to the San Diego Zoo. Joshua had never been. Here we are having a lovely lunch at the Treehouse Cafe. My favorite part of the zoo is the giant panda enclosure. We got to see the mama bear resting in the sun while the baby was snoozing way up in the branches!
After Joshua used the flash on the camera, this bear got angry! Just kidding ... it was actually a big old yawn.
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Rachel said...

What a great weekend. I'm glad you guys are taking advantage of the area. There are so many good Mexican restaurants down there too, I suddenly want a big bowl of guacomole!

I'm on my third set of letters to post my comment. I hate these things. Is it a "g" or "q"?

Jenna Hoskinson said...

wow, great pics, again! I love the angry panda.