Thursday, November 30, 2006

East Coast Trip Continued

So sorry to keep you in suspense ... we were so busy seeing the sights we didn't take time to blog. Our last stop in Charlottesville was the beautiful Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson. (It is pictured on the nickel, which is what my darling husband has in his hand.) Joshua especially liked learning about Thomas J. because he had so many interesting habits. For example, he designed a clock and had it hung over his bed (which sits in the space between his office and bedroom ... how convenient) and would rise each morning as soon as he could see the clock's hands. He would then immediately record the date, time, and temperature. Then, he would put his feet in a bowl of cold water. Why you ask? He heard it would keep him from getting sick. It must have worked, since he was only sick about once every seven years. Not bad.
I really liked Thomas' clock displayed in the entryway. The weights hung down and showed what day of the week it was. One samll problem: There wasn't enough room for Saturday. Not to worry, T.J. was inventive. He drilled a hole in the floor and sure enough, in the basement, you can find the Saturday label.
Our next stop was our nation's capitol. We arrived in the late afternoon, so , in true Hardwick style we walked the entire city anyway!!! I have got to learn and wear walking shoes. We did see some great sight along the way ... the White House...
... and the capitol building. The statue on top of the capitol is named Freedom. No building can stand taller than her in D.C. which eliminates skyscrapers. We learned this little factoid on our tour the next day, which will have to be another blog since I have reached the maximum number of pictures.
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