Monday, March 26, 2007

Sacramento, Mount Shasta, and the Oregon Vortex

Well, we have arrived in our new home (I'll tell you all about it later). But first, here's a brief summary of our trip.

Our first stop was in Sacramento where we met up with the Muellers for lunch. It was a beautifully hot day and we took a quick tour of the old town section. We had fun meeting our new niece and vistiting with the fam.

Next stop: Mount Shasta. After Joshua's first drive up, he decided Mount SHasta would be a scenic place to spend the night. We had an amazing view of the mountain from our breakfast table! Don't I look thrilled to be going for another 9 hour drive?

What road trip would be complete without stopping at a toursit attraction you saw advertised on the highway? Not the Hardwicks I tell you! Somewhere in Oregon we stopped to tour the Vortex and House of Mystery. This is a place where poeple with motion sickness should never go! Thank goodness i was already drugged for the car ride. The vortex is a plce where magnetic fields cross in such a way that normal rules of science do not apply. Vision is distorted making people appear larger or smaller than they really are, balls roll uphill, and there is a general sense of dizziness everywhere you look.

Oops ... I just deleted the picture of the house. I'll put it with the next post.

If you've been to Knott's Berry Farm, you'll recongnize this place. The Knott's house was modeled after this one.

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Rachel said...

Balls roll uphill? That sounds like a worthwhile stop. I'm glad you were drugged, I know how you can be!

Tara said...

I want to look smaller than I really am! Can people live there?