Monday, July 16, 2007

Family Portraits

In June our family had portraits taken, since everyone was here for my niece Madison's graduation from High School
Only my brother-in-law is missing from this picture because of sickness.
Top Row: Dad, Mom
Middle Row: Debbie with Mackenzie, Walter, Mike, Mary, Pattie, Me, Erin, Joe
Bottom Row: William, Marisa, Austin, Chandler, Madison, Mavric, Richie, Blake, Spencer
Below is a picture of our family from the late 70's. I'm the sailor. Boy, have we grown. Hey, Dad, I have your tie now.
Finally is a picture just of the guys. My dad, brother, and myself.


Erin said...

Erin Graham (sorry, I know you're married, but I can't help it... you can still can me Erin Nelson if you want) I really like the flowery lamp thing on your head! Hahaha! J/K!

Erin said...

That's funny, I always called you Erin not Nelson when I talked to Maite because I couldn't remember you new name! I didn't notice the flower until my nieces pointed it out. Oh well, in a picture with so many people there could have been a lot more that went wrong!

Jenna Hoskinson said...

wow, I love the pic of just you guys.