Saturday, December 08, 2007

Baby's First Picture

Introducing the newest member yet to join the Hardwick family! Here are the first pictures of our expected baby. We aren't going to find out if it's a boy or a girl until his/her birthday. So please allow us the luxury of assigning a sex on occasion knowing that we will be using it loosely and interchangeably. Because, lets face it, the baby is a person and not an "it". So the very first picture of her/him from head to tail is located below. He/she is upside down with the feet near the top. The doctor also took a video (which we'll receive later) where the baby waved hello to us.

We are very excited to be new parents, still wondering if we're ready for it I'm sure. Erin wasn't sure she was pregnant for the first month. As soon as the test rang positive, she became positively sick. I thought "morning" sickness meant it happend only after sleeping. Erin corrected me that like a day is separated into morning, afternoon, and nighttime; so the first trimester of pregnancy is considered the morning, hence the term previously mentioned. It really should be called "before and after sleeping, between meals, not-excuse-enough-to-miss-work, until-Jesus-returns" sickness.

Lately we've taken to asking people how they got more than one child, "Did you forget the pain?" "Yes" is often the reply. Some weird amnesia must go on in a woman's head once she holds her new child that makes her think "I could do that again." I'm glad I'm not a woman. Even if a file cabinet gives me a static shock, the next time I'll have somebody else pull files for me.

Oh, I almost forgot, the doctor offered a new benefit that's being tested at their practice. You can get a 3D modeling of your own baby after the sonagram. I don't know the benefit yet, but it was a pretty good value at $1,500 plus the cost of materials.

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Rachel said...

Yea, he/she will be a welcomed addition for sure! Our friend's called their baby Peyton/Ethan during pregnancy. I bet you can figure out why.

And, how do you ever have more than one? You honestly believe it won't be as bad the next time. For me it was worse, but I would gladly throw up for the entire nine months if it brought me one of my amazing children.

Enjoy the journey, there are so many people who would love to be in your situation that are grieving their personal struggles with infertility. You are truly blessed!

Jay said...

Congratulations! That's awesome!
You forgot to mention a key piece of information... the DUE DATE!

I think from the picture you can tell its very clearly a boy... (or is that a leg).

Anyway, you guys will be great parents. I hope Erin's "all-day" sickness subsides soon, so you two can just enjoy this time.

And that 2D picture of the 3D model is pretty creepy. Nobody should be holding that small of a baby, model or not....

Erin said...

My husband has an odd sense of humor ... The "3D model" we were offered was a 3D ultrasound, not a creepy playdoh baby to hold! Baby Hardwick is expected to arrive June 25 - 2 weeks after school is out - now that's good timing!

Jenna Hoskinson said...

CONGRATS!!! This is so awesome. I am really excited for you guys and will be praying that the "morning" sickness gets better and that you have a wonderful pregnancy which will lead to a wonderful baby!

Also it's cool that you are not finding out the gender of the baby (we didn't either, not sure if you remember). I thought it was fun to keep everyone guessing.

Congrats again and keep us posted on all the happenings with the pregnancy.

Tara said...

WOW! I had almost given up checking on your blog (like I should talk), but that was totally worth the extra click of the mouse. Congratulations you two! Now, Tommy and I are the last hold outs. Keep us posted on all of the goings on.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! I have been waiting and wondering.... You will be amazed how quickly the awful feelings subside once the second trimester gets in full swing (hopefull1y!), and then you'll have a huge appetite and feel amazing! And when that little baby starts make me want to have a third just thinking about it! It is an amazing process that we women are blessed to have, even if we have to go through sickness and incredible pain :) I can't wait to see your little tummy. Didn't we always say you would make the best pregnant person, and mom? Again, congrats!

Erin said...

ERIN GRAHAM! I'm so excited for you! Being a mommy is the best thing is whole world. I was just thinking that tonight when I put my bunchkins to bed. You're going to absolutely love it!

I never really got that sick when I was pregnant (just lost my appetite) but it is such a special time, especially the first time around when everything is new and unexpected. Savor all the fun of being pregnant, and also things like sleep, carrying a small purse, and jumping in and out of your car real fast to run into the grocery store.

Momma to Olivia said...

May I ask where you can get the 3D modeling done? I would love to be able to have that done!

Joshua said...

The 3D modeling was a joke. I found the picture on the internet.