Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bringing the pregnant belly to fancy events

OK, I admit it- I am not one of those happy-to-be-pregnant ladies. On a typical day I feel fat and sluggish. Getting to dress up in clothes that fit helps, and I have had the opportunity to do so lately! I also got a haircut yesterday (it is not pictured here) and I'm feeling much better. Any how, pictured here is my six month belly all dressed up to go to the orchestra. My friend Heather is the Concert Mistress for the Gig Harbor Community Orchestra and we had the chance to hear her talents.
Speaking of Heather, here we are at the Lighthouse Christian School Auction. The theme was "Sea you in Paradise", hence the leis. By the way, I found both of my dresses at the Goodwill for about $5 each. :) This one still had the original tags on it - they must get the rejects from Target. Works for me!
The auction was a blast and the school made somewhere around $300,000. My favorite part was listening to the auctioneer - it sounded like some kind of rap song most of the night! This was the project my class "made". When I say made, I mean one of the moms came and helped us put our fingerprints on the tiles. Then she made the pictures (yes, I am the Queen Bee) and had a friend make the table. It turned out to be really cute! I wish I had one for my house.
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Jenna Hoskinson said...

Erin, even though you don't necessarily FEEL adorable, you certainly LOOK adorable! I know a haircut always makes me feel better, too. Seems so superficial but it so works!

Rachel said...

I still feel fat and sluggish! You look beautiful. Just think, in a few more months you will get to carry around the baby in your arms and no one will ever look at you again!

Happy Easter!