Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Got Da Beat

Diabetes that is! After taking the standard pregnancy glucose test last week, it was determined that my glucose levels are off the charts high and I have what is called gestational diabetes. Apparently 3% of pregnant women develop this condition which goes away as soon as the baby is born. Tomorrow I get to go learn how this will really impact my life for the next 8 or so weeks (Can you believe that is all that is left before the baby arrives????). Some of the big bummers that came with this diagnosis include: Not being eligible to deliver at the Birthing Center we had chosen with a midwife and no drugs; having a high risk for C-Section due to diabetic babies having extremely large heads; having a higher risk of a premature baby and all the complications that could follow; having to stick my finger with a needle every day to test my blood. SO... I would much appreciate your prayers for a healthy baby, a complication-free delivery, and peace about the whole situation.

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Rachel said...

What a bummer! At least you didn't drink the nasty syrup stuff for nothing :) We will be praying for you and your baby.