Monday, September 01, 2008

Ode to the Forgotten Cat

Once the orphan child of an unknown mother
Now the adopted son of another
You were chosen when you had tears in your eyes
Food, shelter, and love there was no dearth
In your new home everyone shared in your mirth
But, now, that seems long ago
Thrice plus one a fortnight has passed
Since a new human brother have you acquired
Banished have you been, upon his arrival home
To the nooks, to the crannies, and out to the fields you roam
Away from the clean and sanitary places
The love of your adopted mother you once knew
Is all but completely gone
For when she gives you the love she promised
She must wash her hands of you
Don't fret, dear cat
For this place where you're at
Is a new world, where
You're new freedom has brought you
A life of adventure enjoyed by the very few
No longer are you confined to the singular choice
Of using a litter box for your only relief
But out among the grass, dirt and leaves
You get to leave your mark
New friends you make in the woods
Meow like a wild cat, and show off you've got the goods
Still, inside, you do have a home
Not quite as quiet and calm as it once was
Cradled you sit in your bed of fuzz
Alone though you may feel
Know in your heart that love you still get
From the adopting mother of your youth
Plus that of her husband and child too


Erin said...

Poor Six. You be careful outside, you clawless little kitty! Great ode, Joshua. When Erin and I lived together, we would write a lot of odes. You know, we'd be sitting around bored and one of us would say, "Hey, let's write an ode!" Okay, maybe that didn't happen, but we did write a few odes... they were really funny ones. Good times.

Jenna Hoskinson said...

oh that is the same sort of ode we need to write to our dog...

Tara said...

yet another reason why not to have a pet...