Sunday, October 26, 2008

Matty's first trip to California part 1

Matthew was terrific on our first ever airplane trip. I requested that we sit next to an empty seat ti give us a little more space. The gentleman at the window seat was a sweet old man with multiple grand and even great grandchildren. Matt and I read books and played quietly. He filled his diaper, so i had the pleasure of using an airplane bathroom changing table. Super! He fussed a bit on the descent, so I tried feeding him. He did better with a pacifier in his mouth. We arrived on time and had a few hours to visit before hitting the hay. Here is Matthew being adored by his Uncle Gary and Aunt Jackie.
On Friday I got to visit with my dear friend Patty and her two darling girls. My indecisiveness surrounding car seats arose again as I watched Patty bring in her one year old still fitting nicely in her carrier. Arg! We had a great time catching up and seeing how our little ones have grown.
Matthew spent most of the 95 degree days in just his diaper. He LOVED that! His first two teeth have broken through (early, I know) so he was chomping everything he could. He fell asleep while chewing Grandma's fingers that evening.
My little brother cracks me up. Two short years ago he was a young kid always looking for ways to shock and go against the norm. Now he is a husband and father full of advice and baby stories to swap. I really took note of the changes in him when he casually wiped a booger from Matt's nose. :) My how times have changed. This is one of Matthew's favorite cuddling poses - cheek to cheek.

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Rachel said...

I love the picture with your brother. So sweet! Ahhh, and nursing on a plane next to a stranger, good times, good times. Now that is something I will not miss.