Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation Time

Coming back to California always feels like a race to see how many friends and family members we can squeeze in a visit with during our stay.  I think this summer's trip was the big winner!  We were able to fit in a lunch with long-time friends Jason and Coli Jones.
We hit up Arthur's, one of Jason and Joshua's favorite chess-playing breakfast spots. 
Matthew adored Coli and took a not-so-subtle liking to the waitress as well.  He smile a mile wide every time she walked by and even threw down his toys in handkerchief dropping fashion just so she would stop by to pick them up.
I am learning that Blogger posts pictures in the opposite order that I list them, but it will take me several more tries to have it really figured out ... oh well.  This was the night before we left.  We pricelined  a hotel room to avoid the super early morning rush to get ready AND get to the airport on time.  Good thing we did - we barely managed the last part!  We missed the shuttle and had to get a special lift from the hotel.  By the time we checked our bags and Matt's never-ending piles of stuff, we had just enough time to get through security and walk on to the plane.  We had the very last row all to ourselves, which was actually very nice.  Matty slept for an hour and a half of our two hour flight which was awesome!  I hope the trip home is even better since I will be attempting it solo!  

Oh yeah, if you haven't seen me in a while you will notice the much shorter hairdo ... I cut the lengthy locks to donate, although Joshua won't let me send them off until he gets a picture with the extension on his head.  Any day now you should see a snapshot of my hubby with a long ponytail on his head ...