Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Goodbye Summer

My mom has been begging for current pictures, so here is yet another batch from our summer of fun.  Matthew has got the walking thing down and has moved on to climbing.  He just hoisted his little leg up onto the fireplace ledge and carried on with one of his favorite activities (still) - drumming.  He only has on one shoe because he brought it to me just moments before his climb and lifted his foot for me to oblige.
Another shot of my dirt-eating darling.
I decided it was high time we "moved in" to our house and hung up a few pictures and decorations.  This one is my favorite antique store/Goodwill/linen closet combination.
I also crocheted something I wanted to keep.  Matty likes it too. :)
Joshua got a new attachment for his yard tool and hacked away at our monstrously overgrown yard.  This picture does not do justice to the mammoth pile of tree limbs that he lopped off with that bad boy.

So that's it for summer, I guess.  We will be spending the first few days of fall back in so Cal (just can't get enough of my family!).  Joshua is taking one last getaway before he starts back to school.  I started back to work teaching kindergarten one day a week.  It's a pretty unique situation and I am so thankful that it worked out.  I am also teaching dance classes this year, starting with ballet.  I am anxious to see what this old body can do!

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