Thursday, May 20, 2010


That's the number of times I will have to draw my own blood in the next 11 1/2 weeks. Sigh ... I was really hoping diabetes would pass me by this time around. Just to make myself feel better, let's look at the bright side:

I've already been through this once before.
I own my own glucometer.
Insulin is a wonderful drug that can safely control my blood sugars.
I won't gain any more weight.
I do not need to be on bed rest or any risky medication.
Baby won't be any later than August 10. (A little earlier is ok with me!)
My new OB handles all of this herself - no other doctors (except the nurse specialist on her staff)

I know I can do this and do my part to keep my baby healthy. Anyone want to diet with me?


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Unknown said...

I thought 546 was Matthew's number of the day! :)

MrMrsJones said...

Wow, you really put life into perspective for me Erin. I thought surgery was hard. You are truly dedicated to the health of your baby, and that's inspiring!

See you oh-so-soon. Excited!