Sunday, June 05, 2011

Matthew's First Camp Out

Before we get to the camp out, check out our neighborhood doe.

And her fawn! How cute is that!!!!!

Since it was such a lovely day, Joshua set up a tent in the front yard for a boys' night out. They took a flashlight and some books and had a good old time. My baby boy is growing up so fast!

"The mountain view out our 'front door' was terrific for such a perfect day. Matthew chose all my least favorite books to read, but he was having a great time. We prayed and then listened to the sounds outside while we were trying to sleep. Frogs and birds can be scary sounds, but knowing they couldn't unzip the tent we knew we were safe. We lasted until 3:45am when Matthew needed to go to the potty. He was shivering so much that I decided we should sleep indoors for the rest of the night." - Joshua

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