Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Answer to Life

Of course the answer to life is Jesus, but I thought it would be funny to note a discovery I made today. If you're familiar with the story "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" you may remember a part where some characters built a very large ultimate computer to answer one question: "What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?" After several generations past the computer finally came up with the answer: 42. I told my coworker Keith to Google the question and it will give you the answer. (as if Google was the ultimate computer) In our very next unrelated conversation we were on the topic of gas prices and the price per barrel being over $70. We wanted to know how many gallons were in a barrel. So we googled that and the answer was surprisingly 42. Just a funny coincidence. So when somebody asks you what the answer to life, the universe and everything is, you may answer: Jesus!

For more information on the hitchhiker's 42, check out the answer.

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Jenna Hoskinson said...

is it really just a funny coincidence, though? Seems a bit more than that to me....