Friday, June 09, 2006

Our New Computer

I just built a new computer for us. (Okay, more like assembled) Just in time too. Out of our two computers that we had, the first one won't boot into windows anymore, and the second one had it's power supply fail on me. It's not a pleasant sight to see when you turn on a computer and it blows smoke at you.

Now with the new computer we can watch movies and TV on it as well as listen to the radio, and I can edit my home movies on it. So be prepared to find me with a video camera more often. Video blogs anyone?

If you're a geek like me and are interested in the parts I put in it, just click on the link below.
Tech Tips: My New Computer


Tara said...

Now Joshua, don't lie. Erin told us that the computer actually caught fire. I know you're a computer guy, but we understand. People's computers catch fire all the time, don't they? Or is that just computer guy's computers?

Jay said...

Yeah, but can you roast marshmellows on your computer? I doubt it.