Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ten Year Reunion

I can hardly believe ten years have passed since I graduated from high school. I got an e-mail yesterday that our reunion has been scheduled for a Friday night in October. It will be held at a hall local to the school. After going to Joshua's runion and leaving heavy with dissappointment, I'm wondering if we should bother with mine. My closest high school friends have moved away and will probably not make it out for the evening. Do I want to make small talk with a bunch of people I no longer know (or never really did)? Has anyone else ran into this same dilema? Your thoughts are appreciated. :)


Jay said...

I did it and it was really lame. My closer friends weren't there, it was all casual acquantinces... It seemed like mostly a singles night. Maybe the 25 year would be different.

This is what I found. There were three categories there. Those for whom high school was the peak of their lives (most of the football team and the less "principled" females from high school), those who wanted to come back and prove to everyone how successful they are now, and those who were just there to people-watch for entertainment purposes (read: sit back and categorize everyone)

There was probably a little part of me that was the "prove how successful you are" mentality because I had just gotten my architect's license, but mostly it was just curiousity. Jenna and I mostly sat back and hung with some people I barely knew in high school, then left early because it was really boring..

And it cost a lot of money, too. Yeah, I don't think I'd do it again unless I knew my group of friends was going to be there.

Tara said...

I keep getting emails about mine too. There's even a website dedicated to it. I've looked at the website and it has a list of all the people they've found. I perused the list and realized that there were alot of people I didn't care about seeing, a few people I really didn't want to see and maybe one person I wanted to see. It's not worth almost 200 bucks to see one person. Plus, a plane ticket to CA. I've heard from others that the ten year is mostly a time for showing off your hot husbands, boyfriends, cars, and careers or hooking up with other single members of your class. I don't think it would be a good time for me.

Rachel said...

Reunions aren't about seeing your friends, they are about seeing everyone. I would really like to go for that reason. And if I do, I am dragging you with me. It is $50 per person which is a lot more reasonable than Mike's was. Besides, if Lesley goes, we can all cling to her and talk to everyone! I am going to push for our attendance since two of my best friends are from high school.

In response to Jay, I would like to sit back and categorize everyone. That sounds fun!!! Look at me, I don't really have a carreer or aanythign to brag about and there is no guarentee my husband would be able to go. My only asset is Aubrey and she would be happily sleeping elsewhere.

I am sure it will be boring and we will all wish we didn't go, but it's better that not going and wishing you did. Luckily I didn't date anyone form ALHS so I am pretty safe with avoiding ackward moments too.

Rachel said...

Lesley is out. She will be in San Fran for her anniversary. Michelle is a yes if we go. There is a myspace page dedicated to it. It was a little weird and I am not sure how to navigate it, but I'll give it a few more minutes when I have a chance. www.myspace.com/alhs96

Erin said...

I saw the myspace page. That was one more reason to NOT attend. But you and Shelly are in, you know I'm there. I was afraid you two would not be up for it. How about Katie? Brian?