Monday, January 15, 2007

(I know it's January, but...) Thanksgiving!

After our amazing vacation to the east coast, we came home for 21 hours of laundry for me, work for Joshua, repack, and catch another plane for San Jose. Joshua's work had needed him to do a job in the Bay Area the day before Thanksgiving so it became a free flight for the two of us. Check out that awesome turkey! My husband is quite the chef.
Joshua's parents came down from Seattle to celebrate with us. Debbie had a beautiful table set for the meal. We enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving feast complete with ....
Our famous pumkin ice cream pie! This has become Walter's (not pictured) favorite dessert ever. William helped Uncle Joshua crush the cookies for the crust and he helped Aunt Erin put the whipped cream on top -only a little went in our mouths!

Since none of the families present would be seeing each other for Christmas, we celebrated that holiday too. We even went to see the Christmas tree lighting in San Fransisco's Union Square. Avoid it if you can. But it was a great kickoff to the Christmas Season!

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Rachel said...

I have little red x's where the pictures should be, is it coming up like that for you too?