Friday, February 02, 2007

Motorcycle blues, but good news!

I just closed my garage door, with greenbacks in hand, after waving goodbye to, Hoot, my first motorcycle. Why is it leaving? Because I'm going to get a bigger one. Not right away, but in the not to distant future. This time I will earn it, versus forcing my future self to pay for it. The immediate reason for selling my beloved Hoot? To get rid of excess stuff, pay off bad debt (car loan), and move to Washington State. Yes, you've heard rumors before, but this time it's actually going to happen. My boss knows, Erin's boss knows, our Landlord knows, now it's your turn. So dust off your cone-shaped hats and blow those party favors because Erin and I are entering into a new chapter of our lives.

It's nothing new, people leave California all the time. So what's the big deal? Well, most of our predecessors have left here in tiny apartments or condos to move into bigger and better homes (much to my envy), but not us. We are moving on from our near-flat grade incline careers to a bigger and better opportunity. What does opportunity look like? Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a pay raise. I liken it to a sling shot; you have to pull back before you can shoot forward. Just pray that the rubber band doesn't snap.

It all started with a book my parents bought me for Christmas (really it was Thanksgiving, but you'll understand if you read an earlier post). Upon reading that book I had a Jerry Maguire moment. Those moments really do happen. Instead of a kid cursing me out though, our TV just bit the dust. I wanted a new TV, but I needed to wait until after Christmas when the prices go down. During the in between time I started to read. I found I enjoy reading. My mind eats things up. There's so much knowledge out there that I've just been neglecting while watching people guess letters on a wall. My moment wasn't about reading, it was about life and career. I feel like I've wasted so much of my life watching TV that I completely missed out on my true desires. Not that I completely know what they are yet.

One interesting note I learned about TV and reading. I watch TV on my own, I even shush Erin if she talks over it. But while reading I have a conversation with God, asking his input on the text I'm ingesting. I still shush Erin if she interrupts though. But don't worry I get my fair share of shushes from her too.

With this new outlook on life, I shared my desires with my brother. He realized that this is the person that he wants in his organization. Without much effort he offered me an opportunity to work with him, my dad, and a sister, along with a host of others, to streamline the operations of his restaurant and ultimately duplicate it. (when I say "his restaurant", I don't mean solely his, but it works for this conversation)

Lastly, I'm thankful to God for giving me a wife that is willing to follow me into this new change in my life. But I'm sure that she's just excited not to have to teach anymore. I know that we're both glad to get out of California, finally.


Joshua said...

Oh, by the way, I did have a moment of weakness the day after Christmas. Fry's had a sale for a 38" LCD TV that was too good to pass up. We ended up selling it to Erin's mom. Thank you, Mom.

Anonymous said...

Hurray, your coming home. We are thrilled and I love the thought processes you went through to arrive at such new and lofty plans. God's speed and direction and you two will prosper. Love you MOM

Rachel said...

Did I miss the title of this life changing book? Don't keep all the life changing wisdon for yourself! I had a good talk with Erin yesterday and I am SO happy for you guys. It is a huge leap of faith, but well worth it.

Mike had a hard time finding the right job here too. It was about eight months of negative cash flow before he got into his current position. We are still transitioning form a two income family and learning to prioritize and save for those things we really want. That OC mentality is hard to kick! You will be in our prayers!

Joshua said...

The title of the book doesn't really matter, because what inspires me won't inspire everybody else. You see, first you take all the reader's knowledge and experiences and multiply them against what's written in the book and the result will be what's learned. Plus, I just watched the Matrix again and I like how they keep everything very vague. "You already made the choice, now you have to understand why you made the choice."

Tara said...

So what is the timeline here for you guys? I know you are doing the vague thing, but I like to know details! And don't worry about feeling like you are making a step backward. Tommy and I both make less here than we did in Cali, but it was hard for us to go backward with our living quarters being that we were living with my parents. Anyway, it looks like you are following God's will and that is always a good thing.

Rachel said...

YahooO! That's awesome possums! So, will we have officially moved out the entire original Bible Study now except for Marc and Megan? Nicely done. Welcome to the rest of the country. It's way better!

Jay said...

Go Hardwicks!

That's awesome you guys. I'm positive you will love life in Washington. I hope you'll still be in California next weekend when we're out.

I don't know much of anything about Washington, but I do know there's a great church in Seattle called Mars Hill that would probably feel very familiar.

Now we have two families to visit in Washington (Jenna's friend from college lives there as well). I've always wanted to see Seattle, so I'm sure you'll see us in the not too near, but not too distant future. I have a feeling from the East Coast trip that Ua would know exactly what sights to see.

Its funny how when you slow down a little and take a listen, God starts opening doors.

Burrow Family said...

Hi! I'm one of Rachel's friends (since 1st grade).

So, did you give up the tv? Our tv died about 3 years ago, and my husband prayed about getting another one. The Lord told him "no" because it takes so much time away from Him and the meaningfull things in our life like familly. And besides there is very little on tv that glorifies our God. We were always tempted to watch programs that were purely for our enjoyment, and we realized that we were compromising our obedience to God.

When I look back at "life with a tv" I am happier knowing that the Lord is blessed by our decision and we have more time for each other. I am amazed that I was ever able to get anything done when we had a tv because it eats away at so much of our time. I am certainly more productive now! It's amazing how a half hour program of tv viewing can quickly turn into 2 hours! It's actually been shown to have a hypnotic effect on the brain. Just what advertisers want! And just what the devil wants...filling our minds with things of the world instead of the things of God!

Plus, it's great for getting a reaction from all the Cable or Satellite solicitors. We happily tell them that we don't own a tv, and you can hear their jaws drop to the floor! It sure gets them off your back!

By the way, we do watch some tv every so often at my parents house, so we're not totally cut off from the modern world, you know.