Monday, February 12, 2007

You don't see that every day ...

The packing fun is well under way at the Hardwick house. Six the cat is doing his part too ... He likes to play with any and all of the packing materials and jump inside all the boxes.

Six also got to visit the vet this weekend. He is in excellent health and ready for a new home! The doctor gave us some pills to help him sleep in the car, but bathroom breaks will still be an issue. Joshua wanted to get a leash so he could stop with him at rest stops. He actually kind of likes it I think! He did this hilarious army crawl - we should have video taped it!

Our main tasks every free minute have included packing, taking trips to Goodwill, and surfing the internet for apartments and jobs. We are on our way!


Tara said...

Just ask Mike and Tommy about travelling long distances in a car with a cat. They took Tabitha to Colorado in the giant moving truck. I do believe they had a leash for her too.
Do you guys have a date set yet???

Rachel said...

Technically, they kept Tabby in the CRV which was being towed by the moving truck. Funny... we don't have the cat or the car anymore. Mike kept cut up towels and sheets in the car to trade out of the carrier so if she peed, which she did, she wasn't in it. She got out of the leash at a rest stop, but Mike found her :) It was pretty traumatic for all of them. Tara and I were traveling with a 3 month old so we had our own set of problems too. Unfortunately the CRV didn't make it through winter and Tabby was less loved then Aubrey and found herself in a shelter last September. No you cannot attack my daughter for no good reason! She has since found a new home and I have regained use of my pillow, something I hadn't seen in 4.5 years!

Erin said...

Hi Tara,
We are officially out of the apartment next Friday!! Yikes, I should be packing, not blogging ... Joshua heads up north on the 6th and is flying back to pick me up on the 16th. Let the countdown begin!

i can't believe Tabitha went attack cat on Aubrey! How sad.

Joshua said...

Rachel, so you're telling me that I have to get a kid in order to get rid of the cat? I guess either way I'm still cleaning poop.

I'm kidding, honey, I love Six. (the cat)

Rachel said...

You do have to get a kid first, but you might need to get claws on your cat too. Scratches near the eyes are pretty scary.