Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How do people do it?

Lately I have been wondering how people live on one income. After analyzing our budget, we have found that we don't have much room to budge, and that's on two incomes. With baby coming soon and decisions being made for next school year, we are wondering how we can possibly make it on half (or less) of my income. I am wondering too how I could possibly make it working full time and being mommy full time. I think I would fall apart! I wish there was an easy solution, but there isn't. Thankfully, I know that whatever happens, God will provide for our family one way or another.
That's all... just getting my frustrations out there for all the world to see.


Erin said...

Here's a little encouragement. I was going to have to go back to work after Caden was born because of the same reason. We crunched all the numbers and it looked literally impossible for us to survive on one income. BUT after Caden was born he refused to take a bottle. I left him a few times with my mom and he would scream and acream and not eat. It was awful. (Now I think that was God shoving me in the right direction.) So I just didn't go back to work for the reast of the school year and planned on job sharing but my principal (being the wonnderful peron that she was) wouldn't consider it. So, I never went back. I thought I was going to have to sub, but that only happened once. Somehow, we have survived for 2 1/2 years on one income. It's been tight, but we've always paid our bills on time. Pray about it! (Sorry about the long comment... more like a novel!)

Jenna Hoskinson said...

Hey Erin - I know it's hard to think about either thing! Keep praying and God will make the right thing happen.

Rachel said...

It can be tough. Every decision Mike and I made from the day we got engaged was based on our desire for me to be home with our future kids. Luckily, we didn't enter our marriage with debt and both had good paying jobs for a long time. Although we still find it "hard" we know that we have it better than a lot of people. One of my best friend's husband has been out of work for 13 months and they are still "making it" with no income.

When we moved to Colorado we had a projected annual income that would allow our bills to be paid, small vacations, and a few other extra's like date nights. It took our third fiscal year for Mike to find the right job to hit that magical number. He is on his third job since we moved to Colorado, right when we started talking about options for me bringing in a second income his life was turned upside down and he was forced to find a different position. Now he is in a position with a lot of potential, but it requires a lot of faith. We tell ourselves many times a day that God is our provider. We know we would fail if it was just up to us.

Even if parenting doesn't look exactly like you pictured it (trust me it isn't anything like I pictured)the decision you make in September has no bearing on the decision you make the following year or the year after that or the year after that. I'll be praying for you guys!

Where's the next installment of your belly?

The Cavanaugh's said...

I stayed at home until this past year when I went to work part-time. I actually enjoy my job and the extra money is nice too! I do miss having all day, every day, with my boys though. The funny thing is, when I was with them every single day I'd often feel like I was going to go insane! I think I needed a bit of 'me' time too, and work has provided that outlit. All in all, I don't really think there is one perfect way. I can see the ups and downs of both part-time work and being at home full-time. I'm grateful that I don't have to consider full-time work because I do think I'd hate that. Just follow your heart and do what is best for you.