Saturday, August 02, 2008

Visiting with Grandma and Auntie Jack

My mom and sister are here for a visit this weekend (hooray!). Friday we had a busy day that began with a trip to my ob. Good news: things are healing nicely in two areas. Bad news: I'm still raw in one area. So I was prescribed some estrogen cream to help speed things along and I have another appointment in three weeks. I will likely need to have that section restitched. I changed to the doctor who delivered Matthew and I like her very much! What a difference from my previous provider. She took lots of time with me, explained things thoroughly, answered all my questions completely, and best of all, she remembered me! None of this happened before. Oh yeah, she also gave us a silver spoon as a congratulations for Matthew.

After the doctor, we headed to lunch at a quaint sandwich shop and then off to the amazing Point Defiance Park. As you can see, Matthew enjoyed the scenery as much as we did!
Our favorite spot was the flower garden. Mom's favorite were the roses, Jackie's and mine were the huge hydrangea.
Next we stopped by Starbucks for a snack before heading to the chiropractor. Matthew needed an adjustment and wow has he been feeling better! We love his new doctor! My favorite thing about him was that he stopped to cuddle Matt and calm him down between adjusting. He thins we should see some major improvements in six visits. Our next appointment is Monday.
Before heading home we picked up Joshua and did a quick driving tour of Tacoma featuring a stop at the famous Stadium High (as seen in Ten Things I Hate About You).

Today we had a relaxing day hanging around the house. I wish the weekend would last forever!
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Coli J said...

Look at that smile!!! It's totally contagious. : )

Erin, you look so great. Really. So happy!

I miss my family all the time now that we live in separate states, so I understand how precious a short weekend can be.

Blessings to you two and Matt!!

Tara said...

What's this about Matthew already needed a chiropractor for adjustments? Did you mention that before somewhere and I just missed it? Explain please!

Joshua said...

Tara, There are those that subscribe to the idea that any baby born of natural means have some sort of nerve pinching that is caused by the mother's muscles shoving the baby through the pelvis. And since Matthew spent the better part of two days down there, it was reccomended that he see a chiropractor. There were six points of pinching that made Matthew an irritable and crying baby. So far I'm convinced after two nights of sleeping well, and sometimes he just layed awake in bed letting us sleep.

Since Chiropractice is about treating the nervous system in a natural way, we decided to make it a go. We're glad we did and the doctors are friendly and deal with many babies and children. They were recommended by our doula, as well as others in our birthing class.