Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Wedding

The reason for our vacation was Joshua's second cousin's wedding, so I thought I should post some pictures of that. Here is the lovely bride with her parents. his picture does not do her justice - she looked amazing! I told Joshua I want to get married again so I can have a dress and veil like hers (the veil has a train ... gorgeous!)
Here is sweet Matthew at the start of the wedding. He had just been fed and changed and was fast asleep. Perfect!
Here is Matthew about 10 minutes into wedding. Remember I said he wanted to eat every hour? Yeah, well, I had to go out and feed him to stop him from screaming through the ceremony.
Since it is a rare day that I style my hair, put on make up, and get dressed up, I insisted upon a family photo. Bummer that Matt is sound asleep and laying so awkwardly. Oh well, we tried. By the way, he slept soundly through the entire reception and woke up just as we were getting in the car to go home. So he was fed and changed and low and behold, he was still hungry. So he was fed and changed again before we could hit the road.
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