Wednesday, January 07, 2009

First Foods

While we were in California Matty has his first solid food. He has tried sweet potatoes, bananas, rice cereal, and avocado. And he doesn't like any of them! It doesn't help that he has a nasty cold (another first!) and vomits from coughing so hard. He has dropped to the 50 percentile in weight while jumping to the 97th in height, so we need to start getting some calories in that boy! Next on the menu are carrots, peas, and squash.
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Tara said...

You should try again with all of those foods after he is over his cold. I don't know if it works the same with babies, but I know that my taste buds are always off when I'm sick. He just might really like some of that stuff, but not be tasting it right!

Coli J said...

Matt is at that when-I'm-happy-I'm-super-happy stage, which is the cutest. His smile is incredible. And the joy that y'all write with is so beautiful. He really was the most precious gift from God to you! - Coli