Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Matthew's First Christmas

We began the excitement a bit early when I had three snow days and got to stay home with the little guy! We had a blast hanging out in our pj's and taking a few naps each day. Christmas Eve was spent at Joshua's sister's house with all the fam. We opted out of the gift exchange this year, but Grandma couldn't resist getting her newest cutie a little something. See how eagerly he tore at the paper to gt to the good stuff? He got a boat full (literally!) of bath toys which he adores in the tub and on dry land.
My sweet family on Christmas Eve. Yes, Matthew is wearing a tie. I love hand-me-down dress up clothes!
We headed to the airport just after dinner in the hopes that our flight wouldn't be delayed due to snow like many before us. We managed to get to CA, although we didn't get to my dad's house until almost 3 in the morning! We will not fly into LA so late again, even if it is a better deal!
Christmas morning we had breakfast at my dad's, then went to the big family festivities with my mom.
Matthew wore his dress up outfit for a second day (who knew?), but lost the tie and undid the top button as the day went on. Here is an attempt at a picture of the whole fam. I think we forgot to tell everyone where our camera was! Oh well.
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