Monday, May 11, 2009

Just For Fun

Like father like son! Except Matt prefers his plain while Joshua enjoys his brownie-batter covered. This kid spends way more time playing with kitchen utensils than he does with actual toys.
I have been trying to sneak veggies in to our food. Why? Well, you just can't eat too many veggies, plus I have been doing most of my shopping at Costco and I can only puree so many foods in one week. So far Joshua approved of wheat germ and almond coated chicken, cauliflower scrambled eggs, butternut squash baked eggs, and sweet potato hot cocoa. He did not like spinach/broccoli/pea meatballs or carrot/sweet potato tomato sauce. These spinach eggs I didn't even bother showing him; I knew they wouldn't pass his test. But Jackie and I enjoyed them!
Matt is looking a bit girly with his long hair. I try to cover it up with hats, but his sweet spirals just sneak out the bottom. I know you Hardwicks are wanting it to stay long, but the Grahams say cut it. I don't know how much longer I can suppress the Graham in me!

Escape from diaper change! For a while Matty would stay on his back if you laid him down - sort of like a turtle. That phase is over and he is off and crawling before I can finish putting his diaper on! I just love how his tushy looks in his cloth dipe. And check out those thighs!! I could eat 'em up!
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Tara said...

I vote no on the haircut. Long, shaggy hair is very "in" right now for boys.