Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun with Food

Matt is teething (again - working on number 8)and wants to gnaw on everything. He pulled this apple out of my backpack yesterday and starting gnawing away. So I chopped some apple and put it his mesh teething do dad. Hated it. Oh well, I tried.
Tonight I made some carrots for him and he just couldn't wait to give them a try. He licked that spoon clean!
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Unknown said...

eight teeth! my goodness!

Rachel said...

I used to give a cold quarter apple for my kids to teeth on. I just cut it straight down near the core. You do have to monitor him because of all those teeth he will eventually take chunks offs.

Those are super cute pictures too.

MrMrsJones said...

If we don't get to Washington to visit soon, those will be adult teeth coming in. ;) J and I really need to make plans with y'all.