Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Like Homies and Gansters" and "Stuck"

I once had a student we'll call M. He asked me if boys crossed their legs. I told him yes, many men find it comfortable to cross their legs and demonstrated the usual "guy" style. He nodded in agreement and asked, "Like homies and gangsters?" From then on anything deemed "ghetto" is referred to as like homies and gangsters.
For example, Matthew's jeans. We have been doing a lot of switching between cloth and disposable diapers (darn the rashes!) and therefore need two sizes of pants. Get them wrong and you have a half naked boy on your hands.
These actually do fit quite nicely, but Matthew has discovered that he can take them off himself. Uh oh.
Matthew has also been learning words that begin with an s-blend: snake, snack, sticks, and stuck. Yes, he is playing with a girly pink stroller. He loves to push that thing around the house. Sometimes empty, sometimes with blocks, books, or shoes. He was attempting to put himself in and ask his friend to push him. Oops.
Speaking of pushing, he has tried to push all of our furniture around and in many cases succeeded. He told me he was stuck on the kitchen cart, but I think he meant the kitchen cart was stuck as he could no longer make it move.

My sweet little man is in his crib talking to himself and avoiding his afternoon nap (an unhappy habit that has been going on for about a week.) He has decided that he doesn't need a nap, however, come 6:00 and he is out like a light. Great! Wrong. He takes a nap and is wide eyed and bushy tailed by 7:30 when little boys should be getting ready for bed. Perhaps the eight new teeth coming in have something to do with this crazy schedule. Time will tell.

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