Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cute Kiddies

Jane has mastered pulling herself to standing no matter how many times we try to push her down. (Have you read that babies who don't crawl have problems reading? We want this girl to read, so she needs to crawl before she walks!)
Auntie Jackie sent an extra special package in the mail. The sweet mail carrier brought it to the door and asked my boy if he was Matthew because she had a special package for him. We got to celebrate Auntie's birthday with cupcakes.
My beautiful girl got a new headband. Jackie knew I had a hard time finding red, and sometimes you have to back off the pink a bit. I know it's on her head like a miner's flashlight, but she was being fussy and I had to put it on and take the picture with one hand while I held her in the other. You get the idea. She is gorgeous and the headband is cute too.
That strange bright light shining on my girl is the sun. Pretty neat, huh? I out her right in it and skipped the vitamin D drop for the day.
Just plain cute.
Matthew had entered the phase of toddler hood where children forget how to smile and make weird shapes with their mouth instead while saying cheese and squinting. Whatever. He is loving his new playroom and all the new toys I brought from my classroom storage. See the chalk smeared all over his shirt? Fun!
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