Monday, April 11, 2011

Janie Dear (and the deer)

Check me out! I can pull myself up to my knees.
Ha ha! I know how to open a drawer all by myself. And look what I found - a washcloth!
Our neighborhood deer. This is our view from the kitchen table. So far they love to eat our dandelions. I am a bit worried about the garden we planted. Hmm ... better find ways to keep them away from the veggies but still let them enjoy our yard.
Crawling is easiest going backwards on the linoleum.

P.S. I am totally unskilled at utilizing blogger correctly (yes, still, after all this time) so the pictures and captions don't match. If you wait until I fix it, you will never get to see the pictures, so please accept my apologies and look at my adorable daughter.

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