Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Well, we ended up celebrating St. Patty's Day after all! My sister called to invite us to a corned beef and cabbage dinner (a yearly tradition in the Graham fam) on Sunday. The whole crew was there - Mom, Jim, Gary, Jennille, Jackie, Joshua, me - plus Uncle Chris and Aunt Shirley. We all enjoyed mom's fabulous cooking as well as the wonderful company. Aunt Shirley asked my mom if we got together for dinner every Sunday night. I think that's a right fine idea! So, (without consulting anyone else for their opinions) I have decided that we shall make it a weekly event! This week: our house! I think we'll have corned beef and cabbage again since I bought some tp make over the weekend and din't get a chance.

By the way, I really like corned beef! Apparently it's not a favorite dish according to those I have surveyed.

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