Monday, March 13, 2006

Joshua's new office

A couple of weeks ago my boss decided to clean up the office. Originally the office was twice as large and, to save on rent, retreated to one half of the office. All his extra office furniture was placed into two spare rooms. But after the cleaning we had two new rooms for business.

On monday morning he asked me if I would like to have the new office. I said I'd be delighted, and I am. Our suite is on the second floor of an office building near the center of Placentia. To the horizon and up I can see the tops of all the green trees from here to the tops of the snow peaked mountains and the beautiful blue sky. Below the horizon is an old couples backyard. (in California backyard equals 10 square feet of cement.)

It's fun to watch the old couple in action. In the morning the old man likes to read his paper in his sweats by the bay window of his library, while his wife does her gardening. Twice a week they pick oranges from their tree and juice them up to their granddaughter's delight.

Beyond the houses there is a crest of a hil that has zig-zag tracks that I see trucks drive back and forth all day. I'm told that just beyond the peak is the trash dump. The site reminds me of my old ant farm as a kid. Back and forth, up and down. My poor ants, I ran out of food, so they died. There may have been a lesson to learn there, but I don't know what it is.

It truly is a great office: quiet, functional, and productive.

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Jay said...

That doesn't sound very productive... sounds to me like your just staring out the window all day watching old people. GET TO WORK!!

And yes, there is definitely a dump there. I've frequented the place many a time.

My review? Smelly.