Saturday, March 11, 2006

Selling the Beetle

Do you want a New Beetle Convertible? Yeah, neither do we. But we're stuck. We want to relieve ourselves of the payment and reduce our debt to be able to buy a home in the reasonable future. Don't get me wrong, we love the car and wish that we could keep it, but now it sits in our garage as a lead weight because we don't want to add unnecessary miles to it.

To get the best price out of it we decided to buy a cheap car and sell the beetle private party. It's been two months and there hasn't been a nibble. What's the matter? People don't like cute cars anymore? Is $17,000 really too much to spend on a used car that has pretty much no utility value or speed? I'm kidding, but I want to remember what we were thinking when we bought it. Is the monthly payment affordable? Yes, it must have been. $500 a month for a car that will de-value itself faster than we can say good morning; sure, I can afford that.

In the future we're sticking to Consumer Reports and value-based models. Volkswagen never made the list for recommended buys in any model. Too bad really, because I think they're the best looking vehicles on the road. But for us I feel resigned to only purchase Toyota or Honda in the future.

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