Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekend Northward

Last weekend Erin and I drove to visit friends and family in San Jose and San Francisco. The drive is great when you start it at 12 o'clock midnight like we did. Unfortunately my sister and her husband had made previous plans to see family in Redding, California. So we only had five hours to spend with them.
We Arrived at 6:30am after our midnight drive up the middle of the state. After the Muellers had a chance to clear the sleep from their eyes we went to Flamers for a big breakfast. I had a bite from everybody's plate, it was delicious.
Since we don't get a chance to see our nephew William very often, we have to spoil him every chance we get. William loves toy trains. He especially loves playing with his Brillo Thomas Trains. We got him a toy that was updated from my childhood and some Sandals that he didn't like to wear because of the "thing between the toes". The Big Loader, but now it looks like the Thomas trains. William had a hard time realizing that he shouldn't touch the Big Loader because it does all the work itself.

Once the five hours were up we had to give our hugs goodbye. Erin and I were allowed to use my sister's place for the rest of the weekend.
After visiting with my sister, Erin and I drove to the neighboring city of Morgan Hill to visit a High School friend of Erins. Michelle and Raleigh moved there two years ago a week before Erin and I became engaged. They have two beautiful children Natalie and Matthew. Matthew had just been born 10 weeks ago and we were very excited to be able to meet him. Natalie, now just two, has a wonderful taste in clothing, in Terry Gilliam's world. She had on all pink with rain boots, fairy wings, sunhat, and a magic wand dancing on the deck in the cool afternoon breeze.

I'm sorry that we don't have any pictures to show you of them. They were all quite cute. Raleigh barbaqued a juicy marinated tri-tip, and Michelle prepared perfectly seasoned potatoes for dinner. It was fun for Erin to catch up on all the school friends she had lost touch with, and myself to get to know the Nielsen's. Posted by Picasa


Joshua said...

I forgot to post that we had gifts for the Nielsen kids too. When Natalie opened up her gift she was upset to find they weren't maracas. If only we would have known that she loved watching Dora the explorer.

Rachel said...

Dora's a big hit with the toddlers. Mike and I watched it one morning when we first moved intothe house (it was one of the only channels that was clear) and I was into it. Go Diego, Go! Vamanos Diego, Vamanos!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics and great writing. We too missed not having a longer visit with you both.

Love, Debbie