Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Testing 1 2 3

My doctor has ordered twice a week non-stress tests to make sure baby is doing ok in there. I went in for my first test yesterday and had no idea what to expect other than a non-invasive monitoring. They walked me back into a little tiny room with a bookshelf, leather recliner, coffee table, and lamp. I got very cozy on the chair while the nurse strapped a couple of monitors on my belly. Then she handed me a chapstick-sized tool with a button on one end. I was instructed to press it every time I felt the baby move. She turned on the machine which blared the sound of the baby's heart beat. Baby was taking a nap, so she rang a cowbell over my belly. That did the trick! So for the next 45 minutes I got to relax in the recliner, listen to baby's heart, and feel for baby's movement. This was indeed a non-stress test! We get to go tomorrow for another NST, an ultrasound (this will be number four and I don't want to look at the screen at all in case baby decided to reveal anything), and another appointment. My blood sugars are still wacky. The endocrinologist has increased my insulin every other day and I'm sure he will again tomorrow. We are praying that baby decides to come out early - any time after next Tuesday - so I don't have to be induced. My final countdown at work: 2 days!!

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