Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Losing Battle

As many of you know, I have been fighting with all that I am to control this diabetes with just diet and exercise. It has been a difficult battle, and until this week I was putting up a pretty good fight. But I am sorry to say that the diabetes has won. My blood sugar is completely out of control no matter what I eat or how many miles I walk a day. It is too high when I roll out of bed. I have tried multiple supplements from my naturopath to no avail, and so on Monday I will call my endocrinologist and get my prescription for drugs that will certainly lower my sugar levels and "probably" not harm the baby. Next I will call and cancel my appointment with the midwife and try to reschedule with a doctor. Last, I will call the hospital and request a tour of their facilities. I am so bummed about this whole ordeal, but trust that it is the Lord's plan and am peaceful knowing that it is what is best for the baby.
Today is a rare day in Washington ... the sun is shining brightly over the 80+ degree day. So we are off to enjoy it and forget about the stinkin' diabetes for a while!


Jenna Hoskinson said...

Erin, I'm so sorry! I wish I had something encouraging to say, but I'm not the most eloquent person. But I definitely will be praying for you!

Erin said...

That totally sucks. I don't really have anything that encouraging to say either, but as important as the whole birthing thing is (becuase it is incredibly important) it's such a blip on the radar screen of being a mommy and raising your baby, you know? My labor and delivery and even the first week after Caden's birth was a horror story (I'll spare you the details) while Jacob's went soooo much better. But they're both here now, running around like crazy men! Before you know this while thing will be over and you'll have a beautiful little baby in your arms! Awwww, I brought a tear to my eye.