Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still Rashy

My sweet baby boy just hasn't been himself with this icky rash. He also has some diarrhea and it makes him rather fussy. Thanks for all the suggestions -we have tried quite a few but still no luck clearing things up. I'm going to check in with the doctor tomorrow and see what he says should be our next steps. I am about ready to go on an elimination diet so we can find out what is irritating little Matty.
Yes, it really works! Although he liked it much better at the doctor's office where they covered it in sugar water.
Today we had lots of diaper free time. I used the blow dryer on his tush and he loved it! He assumed this pose for quite a while after each blow dry. And of course he soiled the pee pee-tepee every time.
Aahhhh. Nothing beats a snuggle with Daddy before heading to bed.
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Rachel said...

Oh, I miss the sleeping on the chest stage. Enjoy! It ends way too soon.