Saturday, July 05, 2008

Who are you?

Joshua decided it was time for a change, and not a small one. He took his trimmer outside and came back in with a buzzed head. Perfect for summer! Then, the real change came. He went back outside and shaved off all of his facial hair! He had to do the finishing touches in the bathroom of course, but now he looks so different! I woke him up to change Matty's diaper in the middle of the night and almost jumped out of my skin wondering who that strange man was in my bed! Personally, I think he should grow the beard back. He has such thick and fast growing facial hair that he gets the 5:00 shadow right after he shaves. Then he feels like sandpaper. Keep the buzz but bring back the beard!
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Erin said...

Whoa, the difference is freaky! If he ever commits a terrible heinous crime, he could totally disguise himself and go on the run as a fugitive and never be found.