Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One Month Stats

Today was our one month checkup with Matty's doctor. Aside from the nappy rash, face an neck rash and possible reflux, he is doing great! We got a prescription to control stomach acid in case reflux is causing him to hurt an we are trying yet another cream to try to heal his diaper rash. He weighed in at 10 pounds 1 ounce (52nd percentile) and measures 21 3/4 inches (53rd percentile). The doctor has ruled out a dairy allergy and thinks Matthew is just colicky. I'm not so sure, so I will continue with my dairy, soy, wheat, nut, fish, shellfish, and caffeine free diet. Hooray for rice!

Matthew and Six only left Joshua's feet for me to cuddle with. It's hard to share with them sometimes!

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Rachel said...

Ainsley had a sensitive stomach too. She couldn't even handle decaf. The acid level was just too high. We used Zantac from 2 months until 6 months. It all went away when I stopped nursing, and was reduced with the onset of cereal. Hopefully it will be a a short season for Matthew too. It is funny to see how much bigger Six is than your son!