Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ides of March

When the stranger told Caesar to beware the ides of March, he should've told it to the birds. You can tell when spring is here because the birds are out every morning chirping away. This morning, Erin and I slept in because Matthew let us. At 9am we finally got out of bed and migrated over to the living room. I opened the shades to find... SNOW! Isn't it March? We don't usually have snow like this in December during a normal year. "No wonder we didn't hear the birds chirping this morning." I thought to myself. The snow was like a blizzard coming down with fat, fluffy flakes creating a winter wonderland all over again.

We scrambled to get our snow gear on and get in our last chance snow playing fun before it turned into rain. It was really funny watching the birds hop on the snow and look a little confused. I think they were telling each other, "I knew we should've stopped in Oregon this year."

We couldn't resist resting Matthew in the snow and taking this picture. He acted just like Randy from A Christmas Story: all fluff and no movement. We gave him a taste of the snow. I think he just didn't like that it was so cold.

Shortly afterward the snow did turn to rain, wind, hail, and now sunshine. Weatherwise, we're done for today.

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