Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today we had a family night out at the YMCA.  We had to cut our passes this year, but we can visit once per quarter free of charge.  We thought Matt would enjoy a dip in the swimming pool and we were right!  He looked so stinking adorable in his baby speedo.  His first few splashes confused him, but after a while he was smiling ear to ear.  As I took a look around the pool, I noticed that there were tons of dads with their kiddos, but no moms.  So I followed suit and left the boys and enjoyed my first soak in a hot tub in a long time.  :)  Ahhhh, what a lovely Saturday evening.


Tara said...

What? No pictures of Matty in his baby speedo? Did he and Joshua have matching swimsuits?

Erin said...

Ha! I thought about taking a picture, but we already had to pack half the house to get out the door.