Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wii like it!


Since I will likely be working full time next year, we splurged and bought a Wii. Matthew likes it just as much as wii ... I mean we do! Please ignore the fact that I cannot for the like of me remember that videos should only be taken horizontally and that my husband says "striked". Just enjoy those sweet giggles from my favorite little man.
Oh yeah, he has learned to shake his head no in a very timely manner. He loves to say no while pulling my hair too ...


jay said...

Actually, I think he likes it a little more than you guys. That kid loves him some wii! Enjoy it now, he probably won't let you play with it in a year or two.

Shannon said...

I do the same thing...shoot videos vertically that is. The worst is when I realize it halfway through and turn the camera. Like that's going to make it less awkward.