Monday, April 13, 2009

Eat your heart out Pepsi

When we bought our minivan it came with a year's supply of Coke. Since we rarely drink soda, we still have tons of it sitting around and our now mobile son discovered a box. He opened it up, pulled one out, and tried to take a sip. Where did he learn that? Anyway, Coke should use this picture as an ad. He's making me want a Coke cause he's so darn cute!
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Rachel said...


But I have to know, what does a year supply of soda look like?

Tara said...

Seriously. Do you get it all at once or is it, like, some card that you flash at the store to get free coke? I'm intrigued.

Erin said...

Apparently one would drink a case each month, so we got twelve. We split them between Diet, Zero, Sprite, and Classic. :)